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Who the hell
is Strive Digital?

It is an exciting time when it comes to scaling and growing your business. Founder Eva Buchroithner worked for over a decade in digital marketing and one thing was obvious – to grow a business beyond your vision board we need to look at a HOLISTIC approach when it comes to advertising to really understand the client / the market and make it work. With a team of experts we’ve assisted businesses to scale from:


$500-$75k/month in 4 months


others to grow from 10k-140k/month in 6 months


Or more established companies from big to even BIGGER.

Meet Eva Buchroithner, founder and leading woman of Strive Digital.

A powerhouse with a love for all things digital marketing, she found her way here with the belief that anything is achievable if you put in the effort.


Her story started in her home of Austria, beginning with a Bachelor's Degree in E-Business and a focus on IT and Marketing. With a thirst for travel, she moved to Indonesia, where she lived, worked and did modelling for three years.


Having worked in different agencies and companies in Marketing roles since she was 20 years old. She gained a lot of experience and wanted to expand on this further by creating her own customer journey. With a vision to do good and really make a difference in the world, she could see the potential of her experience.

In 2020, Strive Digital was born. So by helping companies that are doing good things for the world, she could accelerate helping other people, and her vision could come to fruition. Not only does she love a challenge in business but also in her personal life.

Through a passion for the outdoors, a love of nature, a thirst for adventure and living a basic life, she has found her way to Australia and lives in sunny Perth. After being told a triathlon was too much, she did a half ironman instead!  We love that she’s quirky and fun, but also hard-working and very ambitious, with a passion for personal development, she takes a holistic approach to her life and work. She is part of a wonderful Perth community, including partners with your Social Voice who ranks in Forbes as the 7th Best Lead Agency in Perth. 


Was given a Scholarship from West Australian Leaders, Female Future Leaders. Plus donates her spare time as the President of local Not For Profit, Seeds of Hope. Supporting the homeless community with warm meals, clothing, bedding & personal care items weekly.


Finding the blend of personal time with family in Europe, travelling around as well as living here in beautiful Australia with her partner is the absolute dream.


Strive Digital enables her and her team to have the flexibility to live the lives they want and support and grow those businesses with the same beliefs and vision.

Eva Buchroithner - Strive Digital

Our Team


Each team member has their specialty and knowledge, design, copywriting, ad management etc. Skills that kick arse when combined and together, we make something extremely potent! That is a Digital Agency with a difference.

What is important to us? Your values!
Because they need to match with ours. Each team member is hand-picked from around the world based on what they stand for and believe.

We support every client with a wealth of experience you won't get from a single person. Together we take away any guesswork and bring a cohesive team ready to make your business thrive.

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