Case Studies

Take a look into how we achieved growth for these amazing businesses.

Case Study 1

Taking cool & practical towels to a bathroom, backyard or beach near you with epic business results.


32x ROAS on Google Ads

(Return Of Advertising Spend) in 6 months.

This means for every $1 spent we got $32 back. 


Case Study 2

Achieve their social crusade to put native plants into bellies worldwide while supporting First Nations & Small Aussie farmer partners. An amazing concept with growth to match!

Melbourne Bushfood.png

From $500 to over $75k/month in revenue in only 4 months

through a holistic big picture approach on

Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 

I have been working with Eva from Strive Digital for 2 months now, and whilst the relationship is new, Strive Digital has
absolutely exceeded my expectations in terms of results, as well as support.

We have achieved over 223% growth in our eCommerce sales over the past month alone and are on track to grow faster than that this month. Eva has been fast to respond to all of my emails, questions, concerns, and has been very supportive with advice regarding digital marketing strategy.

This has been a game-changer for my business, and I would only recommend Strive Digital to those who are seriously looking for significant growth and an incredible ally in their business journey.

- CEO & Founder Hayden Marks

Case Study 3

Bring pleasure and self-awareness in an inclusive way with an out of the box approach to Ads.


From $0 advertising spend to a consistent 12x ROAS in 2 months

(Return On Advertising Spend) on Google Ads.

From a constantly disabled Facebook Ad account to daily sales with a 6x ROAS in combination with a tailored email strategy. 


Ready for EPIC growth in your business?