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Remove money mindset blocks.

Create and attract abundance for you and your biz.

Have you experienced events in your life and noticed them affecting you every day?

Listen in as Coach Holly Loxton explains a method to break through and release trauma from these past experiences.

This is a small snippet of our full interview on how to "Remove Money Mindset Blocks", where we talk about money mindset/money blocks/trauma release and much more.

We all have certain money beliefs that rule the way we're running our lives and our businesses.

In this chat, we cover

  • How we can identify underlying traumas

  • Where this trauma is stored

  • How we can release trauma

  • Hacks to improve your relationship with trauma

  • How does your relationship with your parents and your childhood impact your relationship with money

  • How to attract more abundance


Want to learn more about Holly Loxton?

Check her out on Instagram at Or via her website links at

If you'd like to know more about Strive Digital and how we could help your business grow, please reach out via our contact page.


Looking after yourself while running a business can be a juggle. How can you get more happiness with less chance of burnout?

Listen in to this great chat with Happiness Coach, Julian Pace

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