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Selling on Amazon Done Right

I chatted live with Daniela Bolzmann from Mindful Goods Co, where we spoke about all that is Amazon. 🛍

Are you starting to sell on Amazon? What would you expect is a good time to start seeing results?

Make sure you check out this snippet of the interview I did recently. It will give you a great insight into what to consider when selling on Amazon.

Maybe you're full bottle already, or perhaps you're Amazon curious?

What we covered was 👇

- What to consider

- How to get started

- Common mistakes

- How to nail your listing

Wondering if it's the place for you to focus your energy, you will want to listen to this video replay.

Would love to know about your experiences. Have you delved into utilising Amazon for business yet?

Find Daniela for more amazing tips and resources on Instagram at

If you'd like to know more about Strive Digital and how we could help your business grow, please reach out via our contact page.


Want to expand your knowledge with more E-Commerce Tips. You must check out this interview with Iain Calvert.

E-Commerce Foundations. How to get started & what to consider. Watch the full interview HERE on YouTube.

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