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More Happiness, Less Burnout! But how?

Stress is something that all of us face on a very regular basis and often leads to chronic stress and burnout.

Working and being around many successful entrepreneurs this topic is something that is only too familiar.

But how do we get out of it? Why does it start in the first place? Why do we allow ourselves working too much in the first place?

If you feel stressed or you’re just looking for a way how to build a good relationship around stress the full interview is a MUST listen for you.

We cover topics like:

👉 Burnout & how to prevent it

👉 How to stay fulfilled & happy during stressful times

Julian is a highly authentic, award-winning and incredibly engaging speaker on happiness, pre-emptive mental health, leadership, mentorship and peak performance.

His journey began after losing a loved one to suicide when he was just 21. Since this experience, he has committed his life to preventing people from having to go through the same fate. 💕

Along the way, he has created the amazing Happiness Co and recently the addition of Mind Body Lounge to complement and expand on this personal growth and support service.

Jules shares plenty of knowledge nuggets / applicable tips and tricks on how to avoid stress & burnout and be and spread more happiness.

I am beyond grateful for you and for all what you’re doing 💙 thank you Julian Pace and the entire Happiness Co for spreading so much happiness.

Want to know more? You can find Julian on instagram at

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