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Performance and tracking for your website & advertising.

Unsure if your tracking is correct with the latest iOS14 changes? ⁠ ⁠

Do you currently run ads and you're uncertain about all the changes that have happened in 2021 and are about to come with Google Chrome removing cookies later this year?⁠

Lukas Hetzendorfer started his career at big companies like MediaCom, T-Mobile and finally Google. After starting his own consultancy, he is now working closely with JENTIS, an Austrian marketing technology start-up.

Since website tracking and everything related to the ecosystem are fundamentally broken, JENTIS is offering a future-proof solution to optimize online ad spends sustainably.

In this full video, we cover things like: ⁠

⭐ Data tracking in 2021 ⁠

⭐ Things to consider with data tracking & what works now⁠

⭐ How will the Chrome cookies changes impact your web performance further ⁠

⭐ Digital marketing trends in the European market ⁠

⭐ GDPR privacy policy restrictions ⁠ and much more ⁠ ⁠

We hope this information will be helpful for you in your business and in learning about Website & Ads Performance Tracking.


Want to learn more about Lukas Hetzendorfer Check him out on Instagram or via his website at


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