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SMS Marketing for E-Commerce Businesses

Ever considered using SMS marketing for your E-Commerce business?

If you'd like to know more then we're here to ask all those questions you're thinking from SMS Marketing specialist Brodie Sherring.

He is the guy who shows you how to drive your warm traffic back to your store using his awesome Direct Traffic System.

Through doing this it allows you to increase your customer value and get purchases that may otherwise have been missed.

How long does it usually take you to open an SMS once you receive it? 🤔⁠

Well, it is very likely you fall into the 85%+ who are opening their messages within the first 10 minutes. 📲⁠

If so, then you know the power of SMS marketing. ⁠

Here I chat with Brodie, who specialises in SMS marketing for e-commerce businesses. ⁠

He gives us some great insights into⁠

✨ What are the ins & outs of SMS marketing ⁠

✨ Industry standards ⁠

✨ Tips & Tricks ⁠

✨ Mistakes that people are making with SMS marketing⁠

✨ How to best get started⁠ and much more. ⁠

Want to learn more about Brodie and if he can help your E-Commerce brand to grow and scale using his Direct Traffic Method.

Keen to know more about how Digital Marketing can support your business? Reach out to Strive Digital. I'd love to grow your business with you.

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