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The Importance of Email Marketing

People strongly underestimate the power of email marketing for their overall marketing strategy (especially for e-commerce).⁠

"I just need more traffic to my website so I can get more revenue and with that be more profitable"⁠

That is a big misconception I come across very often. ⁠

The front-end traffic (online advertising) is obviously very important but it can only get you so far when it comes to your average customer lifetime value. ⁠

Make sure to tune in as I chat to this legend about:

📧 The Ins & Outs of email marketing ⁠

📧 The common mistakes people often make ⁠

📧 What are industry standards and how to improve them? ⁠

📧 Good tools you can recommend ⁠

📧 Tips & Tricks ⁠

Hear a bit more about the industry as well as some tricks on how to get started on a smaller budget.

Want to know more about Email Marketing? You can find all of Mike's offerings at

Keen to know more about how Digital Marketing can support your business? Reach out to Strive Digital. I'd love to grow your business with you.

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