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What are the IOS14 changes & how do they affect Facebook Ads?

Want to know more about iOS14 changes and the impacts on Facebook advertising? ⁠🤔⁠ ⁠

Of course you do; we all do!!!

The entire world had to rethink and adjust when it comes to advertising due to the privacy changes of Apple.⁠ 🖥⁠ ⁠

With that, many businesses can already see & feel its impact on their results.⁠ 📉⁠

However, how much is actually based on the iOS14 changes? What is to be expected moving forward? ⁠🤷‍♀️⁠ ⁠

I am super excited about this chat I had with my mentor and friend Kim Barrett who has just recently presented at the world's largest advertising conference.🙌⁠ ⁠

He is one of the top Facebook advertisers out there. YES, Forbes even listed his agency @YourSocialVoice as one of the TOP 7 PR & Branding Firms in 2021.⁠😎⁠

Listen in to the full interview about the Facebook IOS14 changes and it's impact right here. 👇

Have you noticed the change in your business and your Facebook Advertising?

Let us know in the comments.


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