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How to find your ideal Virtual Assistant

No one can do it all. There are only 24 hours in a day, and if you're trying to juggle your business, your family, and some resemblance of a social or personal life, then the chances are that something is going to suffer.

With so many tasks on our plate, small business owners may have difficulty finding time for the most important part of running a company: thinking about how best to grow it.

One way to help alleviate this problem is by hiring a virtual assistant - preferably one who works remotely!

You'll free up more time than you can imagine and get back control over those precious hours in your day without sacrificing any quality of work.

Running your own business can be hard work, especially if you're doing it alone. You may feel ready for some extra support but don't know where to start. ⁠

Did you know you can outsource a small portion of your least favourite jobs? Which allows you to focus more deeply on your main offerings and your areas of genius?

Have you considered getting a Virtual Assistant but don't know what it involves or where to find one?

Watch as Karen gives us an overview of what to consider when choosing a suitable VA for your business. ⁠

She trains hundreds of GO GETTERS to upskill and become a VA in their areas of genius, ready to support people like you. ⁠

She also referred me to this awesome lady Claire, (you're a legend), to support me, which has really lightened my load. ⁠

So if you're keen to know more about taking the first step, listen in for some knowledge nuggets.

Want to know more?

You can find all of Karen's offerings at

Keen to know more about how Digital Marketing can support your business? Reach out. I'd love to grow your business with you.

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