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The Secret of Success in E-Commerce

Are you struggling with your marketing, brand and the growth of your e-Commerce store?

I welcomed Lisa Bryne to share her insights as an E-Commerce Marketing Mentor for women to share her advice to business owners.

She has over 20 years of marketing experience building household name brands. Helping women in the early years of growing their online store or product-based business increase profit and decrease stress.

How does she do this? By showing them the right things to focus on, so they can stop doing all the things!

In our chat, we discussed:

  • Why focus is the secret superpower to success 🙌

  • The importance of clarifying your offer and message ✨

  • How to keep your customer at the centre of your business vision 💫

Watch the full interview "The Secrest of Success in E-Commerce" here 👇

If 20 minutes is too much right now, then check out the snippet below.

What should we be concentrating on when starting a small business?

Take this advice from Lisa and put your energy into making one offering GREAT instead of many offerings watered down.

Watch this quick clip on "Why Focus is the SUPER POWER"

Great tips, thanks, Lisa. It was so great going live with you talking about all things marketing for small businesses.

Want to learn more about Lisa Bryne?

Check out her Instagram or head straight to her website

If you'd like to know more about Strive Digital and how we could help your business grow, please reach out via our contact page.


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